Tale of the Third City

The true, yet untold story of the Ulster Punk scene, revealing the secrets of an era never spoken off, until now! It brings you facts few have ever heard. Finally the real, home grown, players are introduced, and in all faisness. We should be calling them the “County Down Contingent” because. Not only did they mixed with, they were actually befriended by the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren and Pamela Rooke 'aka' Jordan including I may add, the Sex Pistol John Lydon himself.

It's hard to believe I know, which is probably the reason it's taken near on thirty seven years for this story to come to light. As far as those of whom I speak speak off are concerned, they never truly believed that this “their” story would ever be told, but they were wrong. As now we have the evidence to correct those narratives, filling in the gaps as we telling their story, and believe me; I intend to tell them exactly how it was.....,

This is no one’s fantasies, I am no Hans Christian Andersen and this is no fairy tale oh no.

What I present before you, are the hidden truths, the true backbone of Ulster’s Punk scene and I can only hope that I do it justice and somehow; through this process. I am able to put this wee place, my homeland, the city I love so dearly............Firmly back on the world map once again, only this time; it will be for all the right reasons!

It's unlike any other stories you would have heard before about Ulster. The Punk Trilogy tells of a different side of life that once excised here in the 1970s. A different view, seen through the eyes of a fifteen year old boy who.......... Unlike vast majority off his age group, was able to turn his back on the so call cry of war, as he embrace the Anarchist spirit of 76. Everything he had once believed in, suddenly meant nothing, all the anger and the hatred he had inherited at such a young age, instantaneously left him the day he found Punk Rock, which just happened to coincide with the day his life changed for good.

So my friends, prepare yourself, as you too will now discover the truths behind the Ulster Punk scene. From how it evolved, to how close certain individuals really got to the creators of Punk rock. Believe me; this really is how it all began and let no one tell you any differently.

A true story written By Dee Wilson

The Queen of Punk confirms Kids from Northern Ireland shopped in SEX before Punk Had Statrted


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