Music of Northern Ireland

  • 1960
    Did you get the chance to read ‘the Bands don't play here no more' if you did, then you will have a rough idea as to what life was like in Belfast during the 1970s....

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  • 1970
    Then; as we entered the 1970s it was all so obvious by then. The city’s night life had already started to deteriorate, part from fear, part from caution....

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  • Present Day
    What followed next; was the era the Good Vibrations movie, and Hooligan the Book both spoke off, but thankfully that’s not how it all happened....

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Bands don't play No more !

  • Belfast was Vibrant!

    If you didn't. Well you just might get a little confused when I say, it wasn't always like that you know?

    In the 1960s, Belfast was vibrant city, the place was coming down with clubs and venues where you go to see any God given amount of bands playing live in this fair city. In fact; you probably would have been spoilt for choice, and I am not just talking about the endless list of showbands playing cover versions either. .


  • Above its weight!

    I can assure you that back then there was an abundance of local talent writing their own material and on a regular basis breaking into the UK Charts! Of course there was none more famous than the one and only Van “the man” Morrison, who lead the way for others to follow. Sam, the soul man, Mahood, The Method, the Continentals and many more.

    The list is endless which is proof that this wee place has and always will punch well above its weight...

I didn’t start out on this journey with the sole intention to promote my own book. No;
I have made that clear right from the very start; this project has always been about the positive and creative side of Northern Ireland, the side obscured throughout those difficult times; the troubles!

Ignored by the World as they judged us, and at the same time they overlooked our creative side, the talent that was produced, and of course that burning desire we all have to succeed.

Fear and ignorance kept the major record companies away, but now you the chance to discover and to catch up on what they missed out on.

To see and hear some of the talent that has come out of this tiny little province in the past forty years. Names from both past to present, those who have made “Good Vibrations” a topic to talk about today, so sit back and simply enjoy!!!.