The Tale of the Third City

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The Change

Well, I can definitely say without any doubt in my mind whatsoever. That - wasn't exactly the way I had imagined my first day of working life to start; that's for sure. I mean; the very thought of having to deal with those two mad fuckers, first thing in the morning, on my very first day and at such a young age too. I ask you - could you imagine yourself in that situation?

I bet if you could you would then agree with me when I say. That would have been enough to send anyone over the edge, never mind little old me. A neurotic teenager who was struggling to cope with this new personality crisis that I had slowly started to develop from deep inside. You know; sweet sixteen, balls not long dropped and with a voice that was only starting to break, and not long after discovering that my cock wasn't only for pissing with.
No doubt you'll remember me saying; I was a nervous wreck as I entered my new environment that morning. Petrified I think was the word I'd use but I can honestly say, I never once envisage myself being traumatized by the situation. Albeit in a good way but still, traumatized all the same. I don't know – but could that have been the reason why my life has never been the same ever since, what do you think?

Seriously; put all jokes aside. It’s when you look at in the clear light of day or rather in 37 years’ after the fact. You know; once you have developed a more mature and stable mentality. Then and only then you can appreciate the true importance of it all, then you realise it was actually the right kind of wakeup call that was needed. I mean let’s face it, for 12 months I had dreamt, I had eagerly awaited for this day to come along. Then when it had happened, in a mad sort of way it seemed to put everything into perspective. My views; my beliefs had been for a while, slowly changing but I can honestly say, after that explosive encounter with Misère Murray and Hans, nothing else seemed to matter. Really; as far as I was concerned, you could have been Black - Brown - Pink - Green or even Purple with Orange spots.

It was time to face the facts. I’d been buying the records and reading all about it in my weekly addition of the NME for some time. I had even seen the proof with my own eyes, albeit from a distance but now I was actually working with the ones who were popping up, all over the place, from time to time. Don't you think that a bit strange, a coincidence maybe. There again, they do say certain things in life are meant to be and I think; no. I know that this was one of those moments. I guess you could say, even though I had been following this phenomenon for some time now. The 18th July 1977 was my true starting point.

That was the day I embarked on the roller coaster ride of a life time, an adventure with all the frills and spills, the excitement and the dangers all rolled into one, that's for sure. I’m not going to tell no lies, after sitting on the fringes for so long, I wasn't about to miss out on anything else, any longer. Believe me; that long wait was over and I was now prepared; I was ready to embrace those changes with open arms. Although, with all roller coaster rides, I was also prepared for a lot of twists and turns as well as the many ups and downs I would face along the way.

Settling into life at Charlie Hurst thereafter became quite easy I guess, it actually turned out to be a whole lot of fun now I think about it. I don’t know exactly why it was but those two headers took to me. Not forgetting the fact, they also took the piss out of me and quite often too but we became friends almost instantaneously. It was me asking all the questions, with them filling in all the gaps, telling me stories of the Viking and the Trident, wetting my appetite for even more.


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