The Tale of the Third City

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Paddy Lambs

As you should all know by now, there are plenty of arseholes out there prepared to make up stories. Those who claim to have been at a certain place, at a certain events that have took place many years ago but when the truth is known. They’re either not old enough or were simply elsewhere on the planet and I for the love of me can't understand why. You’ll usually find these stories began life after hearing a few sentences or in many cases just a few simple words across a crowded bar long after the event had taken place. Making it true what they say, that history can be dangerous in the hands of the revisionist and we are all to blame for Christ sake. You see; we all make it so easy for these idiots, simply by not questioning them and I am not talking about those who stretch the truth a little bit. Which we have all done at some point in our lives. I am talking about the fools who take it to the extreme and I ask you, where does it get them? Surely they all get caught out sooner or later or am I wrong!

You have got to ask yourself, were their lives really that boring they have to invent to impress? I don't know; I have always maintained throughout, it doesn't matter when, how or why you got involved in Ulster Punk scene. It's the fact that you took the time and made the effort that counts. Although at the same time, I can fully understand the reasoning behind these lies and I can also see just how easy it would be to get carried away. First you bend the truth just a little, the next thing you know, you're in too deep and your life becomes wrapped around the lie - lies you're telling. You get to the point were you tell the your story time and time again, before you know it, you actually start to believe the lies you are telling to be the true.

When you reach that stage, well there's simply no turning back and you know if we wanted, we could all be like that. That's if our own lives were as shallow and meaningless as theirs! Just to prove my point; I will tell you a tale were I claim to have been at Highway Star's last - Stiff Little Finger first gig, same band only less hair. The gig itself is arguably the first Punk gig ever to be held in Ulster. I say - arguably the first, because the Undertones claim they were the first. Although they're not sure as to when or where that first gig was played and get this. They didn't even have a name, which kind a makes me think - believe, they're talking shite and really, it wouldn't be the first time. I am just wondering if they played any covers by Ramones, the night they can't remember as to when or where it was. I suppose they can't even remember what they played, which would make sense, don't you think.

Then you have the Outcasts who, at that time, wouldn't have really seen Stiff Little Fingers as a Punk band and I would have agreed with them on that one, well back then I would have. Therefore; technically speaking the Outcasts would be able to claim first scalp but then I come along and spoil the party, because I know that Rudi were the first. Whichever way you wanna see it, at this stage it is irrelevant. The point I am trying to make is, the gig took place at Paddy Lamb's, on the Upper Newtownards Road, in East Belfast on the 16th August 1977. Which incidentally was the same day Elvis Presley died.

I’ll be honest with, although it was only around the corner from where I lived. I wasn't there but who the fuck is going to contradict me. Who? When most believe that I was around from the very start, many saying I was the first Punk they had ever seen. Which suggest to me that they obviously went around with their fucking eyes closed tight. Although in saying that, most would have known the area from which I came from, therefore there would be no cause to doubt me. The fact that I have heard all the stories from the night in question; I believe would enable me to pull the wool over most people’s eyes. Stories told by two of the original members of Rudi. Who are; my big mate Ronnie Matthews and there loveable drummer, also a very dear friend Grimy – ‘Graham Marshall’. I have been there when they have taking the piss out of ‘Youngsie’ Brian Young. Who, the story goes, had complained all night long over the fact they were playing cover versions but he never once complained they were playing those covers almost note perfect. Oh no, that's not what this tale is about, not by a long shot.

You see, the story has it; Youngsie wanted to hear Jet Boy by the New York Dolls and being a big Dolls fan he had requested this song several times during the course of the evening. Song after song he would shout out at the top of his voice “Jet Boy - the New York Dolls” and from what I am told. Jake Burns being the budding young professional he was. Tried his damnedest to ignore him, to block out these rants but Young Brian was having none of it. Now you can ask anyone who was there that evening, as they would have been well aware of Brian persistence. He was adamant; he wanted to hear Jet Boy and not willing to give in, he continued with his ranting and raving.

Those involved believe, and Youngsie has since then admitted to me in person. Admitting he was under the impression that Jake couldn't play the song, or better still, he simply didn't know who the Dolls were. This being the sole reason why he hurled abuse in the general direction of the small stage and at Jake in particular. As we all know, there is only so much one man can take and finally the poor guy broke. Forced to give in to Youngies whims, Jake broke into the introduction of Jet Boy and from what I have been told, played it to perfection. Some say, you would have thought Johnny Thunders himself was in Paddy Lamb’s, which I am sure you can all imagine, sort of left young Brian speechless.

The moral of this story I guess you could say; just a little bit of Jet Boy is all it took to sooth young Brian’s aggression, well it did that night, and as you can probably imagine. The rest of the night passed of peacefully, with no further incidents occurring.

As I said I wasn't there that night but I was the following week when the Outcasts came to visit and believe me, tha was a night to remember!


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