The Tale of the Third City

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The Glenmachan

There was me thinking I could simply walk among these people; those who had inspired me for near on a year. Actually believing that I would stand out from that crowd, I mean, what on earth was I thinking? I guess on receiving my invite, I had convinced myself that I could simply use the Glenmachan as my stage, a podium from where I would launch myself at the Belfast Punk scene. Well I can tell you; there is no doubt the intent to impress was there but I now find myself asking the question. If I had’ve known then what I now know; would I still have been so full of myself?

Well I guess that is something we will never know. All jokes aside, regardless of the facts; that the outcome didn’t actually turn out the way I had planned it. It certainly didn't pan out the way I had seen it in my head, that’s for sure.

Honestly; despite the weeks of preparation, added with the new found confidence from working in Charles Hurst, which I must confess, did lead to the constant annoyance to my follow work colleagues, to be there on the night and, of course. I can’t forget the countless hours spent, locked away in my bedroom, as I tried to get to grips with my mother’s old sewing machine. Making, fucking up, altering, fucking up again and then re-altering the clothes intended for the Glenmachan….

As I said, I had not long turned sweet sixteen and I had an imagination that was running wild, which I suppose you would put down too much excitement at such a young and naive age. Something which I guess, I hope, has happened to us all at some stage in our lives.

Looking back; I do vaguely remember someone saying back then that Teenage Dreams were hard to find? Well fuck me pink, I had no problems. If the truth be known; the days, the weeks leading up to the day, the night in question. I didn’t know whether I was coming or going. I became obsessed and I'll tell you no lies. I had created this vision in my own head were I saw myself; my arrival, my grand entrance at the Glenmachan, where I was the star attraction.

I kid you not! I had built myself up so high that a fall was inevitable. That - full blown fireworks display which I had envisaged so clearly in my head, actually turned out to be nothing more than a damp squib in all honesty. My intentions of arriving at the spot where C S Lewis wrote ‘the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ and turn heads, sadly backfired in my face to say the least and at this point you probably can tell. I definitely didn’t ruffle any tail feathers that’s for sure, but you know what. It was still one hell of a night to remember and without any doubts, will be joining that very long list of nights never to be forgotten.

Partly because of the build-up, and partly due to the fact that I worked with some of the main movers and shakers and they were all going to there but really and truthfully. When I look back, I can honestly say with confidence, it was all down to my old man with his military background and his old fashioned morals.

You know I can laugh about it now, but back then... There’s only one word that can describe the feeling I got as my dad’s car pulled up outside the front doors of the Glenmachan and, of course, that dreadful moment as I stepped out for all to see. “Embarrassment”.

Honestly; I really can’t ever remember being so humiliated either before or after. As we pulled up, straight away I seen Billy and Freddy standing at the door and when they clocked me. Well, I am sure you can imagine the kind of reception I was given? If not i'll tell you. They began shouting and cheering here comes Davy Rotten, the pet name I was given at the end of my first week at work.Yeah, it was that Friday, not long after I received the ritual greasing of thee auld bollocks. I do believe it was down to continuous sarcasm and drudgery remarks made to and about them as they slapped the grease around my balls. Although they may well tell you a different story.

That night at the Glenmachan, I guess they may have seen as some kind of pay back, who knows? All I know is, I was cut to the bone and I remember at that precise moment in time, turning and glaring at my old man. Well I can tell you, if looks could kill my old man would've been gone at that moment.
Needless to say I was greeted by my two fellow work mate’s, one on either side, as they escorted me into the Stables and as they done so. They began asking all sort of embarrassing questions.

What happened to all this gear you were making Freddy barked in a jokingly but sarcastic manner. Then Billy suddenly remembered, he asked ‘where’s the sliver dye’ which I had bought for my hair, and I foolishly replied ‘it’s in my pocket’. Talk about putting your foot in it....
They began searching me the way British Soldiers would do in the city centre. Once the tin of coloured hairspray was found, Billy suggested that they would help me, taking the hair spray he said they would Punk me up. Throughout entire process, he reassured me that I would blend in and that I would look like one of them. Yeah right. They honestly wanted me to believe that a tin of silver hair spray would make all the fucking difference?

Huh; well let me take just a moment of your time here to explain the situation. I, was dressed in a pair of drain pipe jeans, a white cap sleeve T Shirt with a black Harrington Jacket and a pair of Electric blue winklepickers. Yes, I did look different from the norm but for fuck sake. Standing there before me was Freddy Hans dressed in a bondage suit bought from 'Sex;' and a pair of brothel creepers from the same shop. Do you remember what his hair looked like, black with a ‘Pink’ lightning bolt along one side with a bright ‘Yellow’ streak on the other. Then there was Billy, also head to foot in ‘Sex’ gear what else, a bright red ’ zip T Shirt and red zipped trousers, and, of course. his get up included a similar pair of brothel creepers as Freddy and we better not forget the fire engine Red hair. For fuck sake; the pair of them stuck out like a part of sore thumbs, so tell me, how the fuck was I supposed to blend in?


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