The Tale of the Third City

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The Day the Worm Turned

To the vast majority living and working in Belfast - Northern Ireland, the day Thursday 20th October 1977 would have just been a like any other normal working day but the same cannot be said for the fifteen hundred or so, urban teenagers, who were planning to attend the Clash gig at the Ulster Hall that evening. For us, it was going to be one of the most memorable nights of our lives. Although I can honestly say as we all, yes all, dragged our sorry asses out of bed that morning we weren’t to know that. We weren’t to know the night we had been waiting for so long, wasn’t exactly going to go plan but yet. There are those who still maintain it was the most important night of their lives. The night that changed everything there after and who I am I to disagree with that. I am one of them!

Yes; I can hold my head up high and say, I was there, I saw it with my own eyes and I can tell you, it certainly wasn’t one of those night’s you forget in a hurry, nor will we experience anything quite like it ever again, that’s for sure, close maybe but not quite the same!

Personally; if you were to ask me, I would say. It was unlike any other, none trouble related, event that has ever to happen in this sorry excuse of a city, country of ours and for that reason, it should be recorded and documented. Just like all the other fuck ups caused by the narrow mind politicians of this country. If it was down to me, I would have it place in the history books for all to learn, so that these mistakes never happen again.

You know; you don’t have to take my word for it. You can go and ask any of the others who were there that night, they’ll tell you all about it, because in their eyes, their minds and in their hearts…. This is a night that needs to be remembered, it’s not to be brushed under the carpet, the way it has been by a bunch of sorry assed councillors who were to blame for this mess in the first place. People are still talking about that night to this very day, it’s even been given a name by the press for fuck sake. Albeit thirty years too late but still, it has been dubbed by the press here in Northern Ireland, as the Battle of Bedford Street but they still didn’t document it at the time. Just like the many hundreds and thousands of incidents that have happened in the past and all over this fucked up a country of ours, it too has left hell of a lot of controversy floating in the air as to what really happened outside the Ulster Hall that October night.

Take the amount of people, the fantasist, who claimed to have been there. Now that's a subject that really makes me laugh, simply because the Ulster Hall isn’t big enough to have hosted such a gig. Never mind being able to accommodate such a large crowd! Yet you’ve got stories of ones traveling from Derry – Londonderry and from fifteen year old kids living in county Antrim reminiscing about standing in front of the mirror in their house thinking to themselves, am I punk enough. For fuck sake stop it, please.... I ask you.... why do people do that? Were - are their lives really that boring that they have to, again I say, invent to impress?

You know, I would really love to sit down with these people and ask them.... If you were truly there that night, well then tell me.... WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED? Believe me, that’s when you would find out who the real story tellers are! Would those who were there be fidgeting.... would their eyes be rolling in their head from left to right and would they be stuttering, pausing and wrecking their brains as they looked for answers? No.... they would be telling it how it was, the same way as I am going to tell you….

Once again I repeat myself. Yes, I was there that night and I can tell you from my own experience as to what really happened. Believe me, it was as much unexpected as it was unforgettable but at the same time, it was as much enjoyable as it was fucking disappointing. For all the obvious reasons, it truly was a night full of fucked up emotions.... whatever way you look at it and no matter what anyone says. It should be fucking documented and let me point this out to you..... If it hadn’t have been for the police, for those thugs in uniform paid by the state.... the RUC! There would be photographs illustrating exactly what happened outside the Ulster hall that night. Something which I will explain in more depth, later in this chapter.

In the meantime; I have said it in the past, many times before, and I will say keep on saying it time and time again.... As far as I am concerned, the 20th October 1977, is as equally important as all the other unforgettable atrocities that has ever happened in Ulster. Yes you heard me, such as Bloody Sunday and Bloody Friday, La Mon House and Enniskillen, yes all the talked about, and all the known atrocities which have occurred here in Ulster throughout those troubled years. Granted the families of those victims won’t see that way but if only they took the time to sit down and dissect what I am saying.... Then maybe all those indivdual generations concerned will understand what I am mean!

Of course, I wouldn’t want anyone to take this the wrong way. I know people died and those poor people should and will never be forgotten. The same way as I know, those events, unfortunately, changed the lives of all those family members who were left behind. Although I ask you.... Just how many lives did those atrocities really affect? They affected me each and every time, of course, they did but they don’t affect me now. I remember the dead and what happened at each individual and I always will.... that’s as far as it goes.

Whereas the 20th October 1977, affected my life then and has done ever since! So that’s me, plus all others, which is close to possible 2000 people or so just like me.... who where all there that night. Then theres the ones who followed us, just like we followed those Young Americans. Then, of course, there’s all the kids, the grandkids that have been produced over the years. All who have followed in the footsteps of their parents, their grandparent's but that doesn't say they all turned out to be Punks. What I mean is.... unlike their parents the vast majority of them didn’t inherit that bitter streak. That I can assure you, was cast a side by my generation many years ago, but still they did carry on the family tradition, of no sectarian beliefs!

So tell me; after read this short paragraph what would your views on the subject be right now? What would your answer really be, if I asked you; as to which single event do you think has had the biggest impact on lives of those living in Northern Ireland during those troubled years? Would you think like me or would you not at least agree with me when I say, the 20th October 1977 should be documented right down to the very last details, recorded just like all the rest. After all it played a big part in our history!


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