The Tale of the Third City

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A Night at the Pound

Good Vibrations “the move” based on the night that Terri “with an I” Hooley supposedly discovered the Belfast band Rudi and on that same night fell in Love with the song “Big Time”. Now I don’t want anyone to be taking this the wrong way, because I am not knocking the film. I have seen the movie, more than once and believe you me, I loved it. I thought it was a brilliant piece of work, even though I have to admit they were way of the mark with most of their facts but still, it brought back so many wonderful memories and not just to me either! To just about anyone who believes they had the right to connect themselves with this era. Not only did it give that feeling of self-importance too many of the old veterans, who I truly believe deserved the recognition. At the same you’ll find just as many who weren’t involved and who certainly weren’t there on the night in question, jumping all over this story as if they were the many players in the Belfast scene and that maddens me! Just as much as it saddens me to think that it’s taken this long for us to arrive at this point. Over thirty-seven years to be precise, yet the truth is still being clouded over with all this bullshit. I mean; you would have thought with such a well-made movie, the makers of the film, would have perhaps paid a little more attention to detail or at least spent a little more time researching the subject?

To have simply taken the Book “Hooligan” as gospel, for me was a mistake and again; I have read the book. Well, the first 40 pages or so that's when I got bored. Followed by the feeling of anger when I arrived at the point when Terri himself “speaks “of that unforgettable night at the Pound, which I shall return to, but in the meantime.

I wanna ask the makers of said film; did none of you’s read the fucking the book before you wrote the screen play? If so, then please tell me, what was the point you were trying to make? Was it to make a “FOOL” out of Hooley for being a total failure, in Marriage, in Business and for fucking up the opportunity of a life time? Purely because his only interested was in his own fucking ego! Or were you actually trying to make a mockery out of the Belfast scene itself? If this is what your hidden agenda was, well, then you made one hell of a mistake, did you not! Once again I will say, I have seen and I really enjoyed the film, I thought it was wonderful, I just don’t get the reasoning behind it all, and you know what. I don’t think those who went to see the movie, well those from Belfast anyway, were able to see past the “NOSTALGIA”!

You see; I know quite a few of them and believe you me, most of them would have been too busy trying to see if anyone was playing them, while listening really careful to the dialog. You know, just in case they got a mention somewhere within the script. Really, I am not kidding that’s how pretentious and arrogant and so unimportant some people from the Belfast scene really are! In a lot of cases it’s simply me, me, me, and I am sorry if I happen to rub some people up the wrong way here, but if the shoe fits, then fucking wear it! At the end of the day is this not what this book is all about, to end the bullshit and to put this story straight once and for all!

I just don’t know why the film makers didn’t ask all the auld hands to come forward, you know, for that little bit of extra input, and if they did well….. I wasn’t fucking asked and no one told me anything about it. Like, it’s not as if I am no longer part of that little loop or anything like that. With all these social media sites on the go, virtually everyone is in contact with one and other, still so called friends after all these years, but we all know that people can be two faced at times.

Take the so called friends and the Good Vibes veterans alike, those who are constantly licking Terri's hole. Most of them have said the book “Hooligan” was badly written and I agree. They then go onto say, the contents are simply the words off a drunk man reminiscing and that same man found it very hard remembering certain “true” facts and again, they're not wrong there.

What they then said about the Journalist who wrote the book, well…. Let’s just say he is a very close friend of Terri’s, so not to offend anyone. The same so called friends then continue to say, the notes had been jotted down in the comfort of the John Hewitt, washed down with a quite a few double Brandy's. Now if that was the case, then yes, you would have to admit deciphering the words of a drunk man wouldn't be easy. I know Terri and I can tell you, he does go on a bit. The man does like the sound of his own voice just a bit too much, which can, from time to time make him his own worst enemey. Nevertheless; the thing that annoys me the most is the fact that all this talk is done behind his back. You know, the same people are all quick to buy the man a drink but as soon as his back is turned, the knives are out and they're stabbing him in the back. I'd just like to know who gives these so called friends the right to pass judgement him or on anyone for that matter. Fuck it just makes you wonder what they might be saying about me, maybe you and about all the ones who came to the party long before they did? Worrying thought is it not! I can assure you, I'm not going slagged Terri or anyone else for having drink, as I know if my own past was made public, I would have the Historical crime squad of police banging on my door from morning noon and night. People have to remember that Terri's only crime was; he didn't plan on anyone challenging, questioning him, he didn't plan on me coming along and writing the Book that would tell the truth. Well they do say shit happens but it's how you deal with it that matters.

So let's face it; mistakes were made by all but still, you can't deny it was a brilliant and very well made film, regardless of all the facts going out the window. Never mind giving way to Poetic license, what was shown on the silver screen was complete and utter fantasy. If only they had they asked the right people and tried that little bit harder they would've got so much closer to the truth. Anyway, I could sit here all day and night picking holes in the film but where will it get me? It certainly won't get my story told which is the whole point here is it not? So I shall stop wasting your time as well as my own and get back to the true story! What really happened on the night of the 12 th January 1978 at the Pound Club, Belfast, and why? I can tell you; that night alone would have made for a brilliant movie in itself, but they would have to get Bruce Willis to play me!

This picture is of me spitting was taken that night and as you can see, appeared in Belfast's Newsletter the following day Friday 13th January 1978. You will also notice, the night Terri Hooley tried to highjack, not only took the front page headline slot, it pushed the death of a UDR soldier, killed the same day, to second spot. The impact this feature had on the Youth of Belfast can be seen in Sean and Guy's book 'It makes you want to Spit'. It was only after this evenet that the greater Belfast areas become involved in the Belfast scene.


These extracts have been taken from first dratf chapters, even though they are displayed on this site they may not necessarily appear in the book, but I can assure you without any doubt whatsoever, they most certainly are part and parcel of the "Trilogy Story"! So if you buy the Book, you like it and want to read the Chapters that are not included, they will be available from this site! Remember its 40 years of memories and 5 years of research!

I would also like point out, that we are in search of photos of the era, so if you can help please send copies of whatever you have to, don't forget to leave your details so we can credit you. Thanks