The Tale of the Third City

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The Conclusion

OK; I admit, I have been having little digs and jabs at certain individuals throughout this site and, of course, the book. Some have been named but there is just as many whose names have not yet been mentioned and I dare sat they all know exactly who I am talking about. These jokes, jabs, jest call them what you like, they were never meant to offend, but if they have, well….. Then I think this book “if nothing else” has delivered the massage that was meant! If it gets their backs up, then I identified the frauds and the nobodies within the Ulster Punk scene.

I must confess, it has always madden me to hear the people who I have known for many years, talking complete and utter bullshit. Those claiming to be something, or someone they clearly weren’t, and most certainly aren’t. Such claim's as the “Godfather” of Punk, especially when I know that person actually came late to the party, you know that really winds me up! I suppose in away you could say that kind of annoyance would have been the main driving force behind my writing. As well as, that want, to prove all those who have laughed at myself and Stephen Anderson, when we first mentioned the Young Americans and the Viking, wrong. Again, you know who you are. The fools who think they know the story of Punk, the ones who thought that I / we were the ones talking out of our arseholes, and there is a lot of people out there who thought that way! Thyose who believe that this era never excited simply because they had never heard of it, because they weren't part of it, and you know what. They're ones who probably won’t read this Book; purely because it will prove that they were wrong, and when they realize that, which they probably have already, well….. Then their illusion's, their fantasy world gets cancelled out as reality finally kicks in!

The sad thing about that is they will all miss out on the true message behind this story, what this book and I am really trying to say! Which is, it didn't matter when or how you got involved in the Ulster Punk Scene, the import factor is you were involved and that message goes out to all the Sean O'Neil's "who were far too young to have been involved at the start" and the same goes for the likes of Terri Hooley "who was, and still is far too old" to have ever understood the true importance of the Punk movement! This was an era that we have all loved and cherished for near on 40 years now, but all said and done. From the young to the old, you don't need to pretend to be something you weren't. Realize that in every story there were those who played much bigger rolls than others, but at the end of the day, in this story we were all in it together, and we should all be proud of that fact.

Forget the Peter Robinson’s and the Martin McGuinness’s of this world, they weren’t the ones who started the peace process rolling in this country. They are merely trying “badly” to finalising our initiative! Raising from those ashes, it was the middle to working class kids from all over Ulster who came together as one back in the mid-70s and early 80s who brought the prospect of peace to this land! Without our generation, you got to ask yourself would they have ever found a peaceful solution to end a war, which they created “and” would it have ever been successful?

It was the spirit of 76, and the kids of that era who were responsible for dragging those barriers down long before “they” the Politicians and the Clergymen dreamt of their peace process, and really, what have they really achieved since then? They still to this day fight and bicker, agreeing to disagree, with both side falsely laying a claim of victory to a war that they haven't yet won. Their bitterness, which they instilled in this province, now hinders them from seeing the reality that surrounds them. A reality that we were faced with, the same reality that helped us, my Generation, to turn our backs on their hatred all those years ago.

It’s obvious today that the people of Northern Ireland are sick to death of this conflict, we are fed up with the politician’s lies. Just like those early Young Americans and all those Harp Bar Hero's, and the way I see it is. The people of this country should be paying respect to them, to those early pioneers who truly change everything back then.

It was because of them I wrote this Book, this book is written in their honour! With the hope that all future generation who follow, will know actually of the part that we, here in Ulster, played in creations of Punk pre say. They say that Punk changed the world and I definitely agree but I would point out to the rest of world, that there is a twist in the tale to the story they thought they knew. The Punk Trilogy is it, the Tale of the Third City tells of just one of Ulster secrets that was almost lost forever, believe me, there are many more secrets out there waiting to be told and through time I hope I can enlighten you to them!.

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